Seals and Tesserae


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[1] "Foreigners" or Non-Greeks owning Byzantine seals

[2] Byzantine Seal

[3] Byzantine Seal

[4] Tetrarchic Period, Lead Seal, Facing Head / Reverse Flat, c. 300 A.D.

[5] Seal of George Archon? 7th/8th Century? 27.5 mm 25.48g.

[6] Byzantine Lead Seal The Annunciation 39.740g, 38.3x28.2mm

[7] Seal of Theodoros Kandidatos? 7th-8th Century? 20.23 mm 13.42g

[8] Byzantine Late Roman? Seal of Basil? 17.35 mm 6.44g Corrected Bassianus!

[9] John Hyrcanus I Menorah Lead Seal? Probably Not Antigonus?


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