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Describing and dating bronze ring


Joe Sermarini:
I have a huge stack of references but they seem to mostly cover museum quality gold rings. Cheaper bronze rings are mostly ignored.   

I did find one reference to a ring of this shape. It was described as a "trumpet" bezel type (it had a cabochon stone vice this engraving) and was dated "dark ages."

Any help with improving the description, correcting or narrowing the date or geographic area will be greatly appreciated. 

Early Medieval Europe, Bronze Ring with Incised Design, c. 500 – 1000 A.D., bronze ring, plain hoop band, high round trumpet head incised with scroll, star and cross, 4.449g, inside diameter c. 20.8mm (US size 11.5 - 12).

Thanks, Joe

This type of rings in our area(Balkans) are dated around 11-14 century .Dont know if in western Europe same type is found

Joe Sermarini:
Based on the source it is much more likely eastern Europe than western and I think your dates are more likely too. Thanks.

Ave Joe,

I you wish to be pedantic, Pollio refers to the 'scroll' as a curvilinear tamga-like symbol.
The meaning of the cross is self-evident and the Star of Bethlehem, maybe?

Most likely a signet ring.

Medieval Eastern Europe, ca. 9th-15th Century.



Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Kevin. It has been in the shop for a little while now...


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