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Ring, Islamic, Sorcerers, Magic Square?



Copper Alloy; 10.4gm Bezel 21mm x 19mm ca. 10th Century AD or later?

Nine blocks of mystic symbols in three rows within a rectangular bezel decorated with Arabic inscriptions about...?
Uncertain further mystic symbology to either side of the band below the bezel.


Best to all, Kevin

While it is popular to label such things as "sorcerer's" it is more likely that they were used as mystical or apotropaic items by a much wider segment of society.  In the same way that wearing a hand anor eye of Fatima doesn't make one a mystic or witch and having a tarot deck doesn't mean one is a professional psychic.


There was one tread with one silver ring similar like yours ,same arangement .That silver ring one friend translate it Ali ,Jihad ,Allah-yours I gues is something similar ,no magic or sorcerer here ))


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