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here are a few of my ancient rings. I acquired them as medieval/byzantine (900  - 1200 AD), but I believe the time span is significantly greater. These rings can often be found on the Internet, but the leading museums do not have them in their online-collections. So I'm not sure, what kind of rings they are really.
Can anybody help? Thank you very much!!!
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These rings with linear and dot designs are generally reckoned to be medieval - though not very well documented as far as I know.

Some of your rings with small bezels with figures engraved on them might be Roman.

Would have to see close-us of them I think.


Joe Sermarini:
Click the photo twice. It gets pretty close.

The one on the first row in the middle and the one on the last row with the 3 circles might be roman /byzantine 3-6 century AD.The rest are medieval 900 - 1600 AD  I would say:)


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