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FORVM Member of the Year 2007 Poll !!

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Joe Sermarini:

Here it is, the 2007 Member of the Year poll!  Anyone can vote for 3 people from the list.

I would like to congratulate the nominees and thank them for their contribution to this community.

Good luck !

too bad we are limited to only 3 votes, I owe a great gratitude to  everyone in the list plus many more who have helped me in one way or another since I started on the Ancient path. I am, as always, grateful for all your support  :)


Three votes is definitely not enough!

What a tight horserace!  Congrats to the winners.

Very thrilling indeed! Now we have a worthy new Member of the Year who deserves the title full of right. Congrats, Steve! I have admired your exact contributions all the years!

Best regards


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