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Seems that the Forum and me have the same birthday! Congratulations and many successful years to come!

Best regards

Congratulations to both of you then!

Thank you!  As you said somewhere else, collectors of ancient coins can be lonely.  No one to share with, no one to talk to, etc.
No longer!  Not a day goes by that I don't check in.  Pat L.

Looking at an ancient coin, I think "What story is this coin telling?"  And in fact it is telling many different stories, about its manufacture, the reasons why it was made, the society it came from, the mythology it draws from, how it has been treated since it was minted, and many more.   I would know a lot less about all of these if it weren't for Forum, its members, and their generosity with their time and their various areas of expertise.

I'm going to repeat what I said in another similar thread (the 6th anniversary of FORVM's forum) a short time ago, without FORVM I probably would not have become a collector but would have quit the hobby.
I don't know anyone else in real life who collects ancients but this is a good enough substitute.

And there are always enough nice coins in the catalog for about one order a month.



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