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FORVM Member of the Year 2006 Poll !!

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Here it is, the 2006 Member of the Year poll !  Anyone can vote for 3 people from the list.

I would like to congratulate the nominees and thank them for their contribution to this community.  I hope I did not leave anyone out! If so, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Good luck !


I'm seeing titles by the names of those with the most votes so that must mean this poll is closed ;D

I wish to congratulate slokind for being named "Tribuna Plebis Perpetua"!  Thank you Pat for the knowledge you freely share with us that others pay thousands of dollars to an educational institution to hear!

Congratulations also to Jochen for becoming our "Tribunus Plebis 2006"!  Thank you Jochen for what you share!  This especially goes for your "Coins of mythological interest" thread, which could even be made into its own book considering its breadth and depth!

Finally, I am grateful to all the other candidates for their contributions to our community and wish them and the rest of you good luck in future "Member of the Year" polls.

Kevin  :)

Congratulations to Pat and Jochen for their well-deserved honor!

It is an honor indeed, and I don't need to say that I am aware of being an incomplete numismatist.  I am only among those who prove that a good classical education is a powerfully enabling endowment; a good scientific education will do just as well (it certainly serves Jochen and Luigi just as well).  Many of you know that I began studying coins seriously only seven years ago, previously having known them only as part of classical art and archaeology and from having been sent to the ANS Summer Seminar in 1958 at the instigation of my professors in both Greek art and Greek language: I have never learned more in the space of ten weeks.  The hardest part of numismatics is the history and geography (not only on maps).  In that connection I must remember* with gratitude and affection W. K. Pritchett, who taught me not only Greek but how to use epigraphy.  He and D. A. Amyx saw to my going to the ANS seminar, too.  But the coins themselves have taught me all the history and geography that one rarely, if ever, is taught formally.  So I am grateful to everyone who did vote; I voted, too.
* I think he is still among us; he was a couple of years ago.  b. 1909, the same year as my father.
Pat Lawrence

Dear Forum's members!

I'm very proud to see me next to our experts Pat and Curtis from whose I learn so much! I'm only a dilettante, meaning I love my hobby. But I hope I could 'seduce' some members by my articles to look behind the coins too.

Thank you all for voting. I think all the names on the list were worth it. To console them: next year there is another chance. I hope I can demonstrate that I'm worth the title. I will do my best!

Best regards


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