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Member of the Year 2005 Poll

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Joe Sermarini:
Please vote!

Potator II:
I really can't decide between Pat "Slokind" and Jochen : they are both helpful and knowledgable !!!
Curtis is my third choice just because he was member of the year last year, instead of what he would be in first place with them both.
I like so much those people who can spend time to share what they know, and not making you feeling they are wasting it.
Thank you all

Please, this is an important decision, vote!  It's importance is evident by the difficulty of the choices, all deserve recognition.

I wish I could vote more than once - there are too many wonderful people on the list.  If there were prize given to the winner and runner ups, I'd chip in.

Maybe we could pick three from the list and each could be for Different areas, Like Curtis for overall expertise on all Roman, Steve on Provincials and Luigi on all of the really hard to find"different style coins"

Just a  thought



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