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2 New Previously Unnoticed Symbols Found on Coin of Herod Antipas


Two previously unnoticed symbols on Herod Antipas’ largest denomination of 33/4 CE (TJC:227, No. 87) are described and discussed. The features, which appear to be a star and a cornucopia, are present on all dies of the type. The reason for these symbols is unknown.

William M7:
I have run across this article in my research on a non-numismatic topic, and was pleasantly surprised to see it referenced in this forum.  I have emailed both contributors to this article, but have not yet heard back from them.  Is anyone in this forum aware of this coin and/or knowledgeable about it?  If os, I would appreciate being allowed to make contact and ask questions.  I thank you, Bill Mayor, [email removed by Forum]

Joe Sermarini:
Bill you should never put your email on a forum like this bots are continuously searching the web for them to add you to SPAM lists. I know you are already getting SPAM, we all are, but do you want more? Let people answer you here on the discussion or with a private message.  

Both of the authors are members of this discussion.

Jean-Philippe Fontanille is no longer active online in any way. He is not answering emails.

Aaron J Kogon is a member who was last here a few days ago, maybe he will answer here or by private message.


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