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hi all,what is the biblical coins?

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But which types exactly would these be? To take just one example, which denaruis does the text about tribute refer to? (I don't see the point in using the word 'penny'; the idea of a penny as a high-value silver coin is at least as strange to the modern mind as a denarius, so we might as well use the term actually used by the Biblical authors!) All the text says is 'Caesar', it doesn't specify which Caesar. The story is actually about the legitimacy of Roman authority, not about a particular ruler, so I'd argue that its actually irrelevant. Then if you want to say its the emperor ruling at the time, would that be the time the story takes place, or the time the passage was written, since it was obviously written for the benefit of 'Mark's' (or 'Matthew's' or 'Luke's') audience? This would be Vespasian in the first case, probably Domitian in the second, and anyone from Nerva to Hadrian in the third, depending on which scholar you happen to be reading. But then if 'Mark' used a pre-existing document or documents, then it could easily be Nero. The harder you look, the less clear the answer becomes, which is why I prefer to broaden it to include the whole period.

 The Bible makes no mention of a specific type of coin but since it says render unto Caesar at the time of Tberius his denarius is known as the tribute penny. I did not decide to call it this but rather conform with accepted wisdom.To me Biblical coinage has always meant coins that are associated with the era of the Bible not when the Bible was written.

Here's another one I consider biblical:  The Judea Capta series.

Judea was subjugated well after Jesus walked the earth, but the destruction of the temple is mentioned in the Gospels.  ("destroy this temple, and I will rebuild it in three days").

 This is off topic but the verse you mentioned is alluding to his resurrection and is just a parable.

Yes, but according to some scholars it dates the Gospel(specifically Mark I believe) as being written shortly after the time of the temple's destruction & addressed to the Jewish-Christian community still in Judea or with recent memory of the Roman Wars.


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