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hi all,what is the biblical coins?

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Salem Alshdaifat:
heheh ,we have an arabic says(byzantian argue) that mean when you discus some thing and each side keep his thoughts and die for it,the good thing that i see our argue is not byzantian,realy each member gave anice and good point to consider,but still the views might get affect with relagin some time,each one of us might disagree with any scholer but not with his relagen, muslims think that the bible sent to Jesus from god ,and all the bible get compleated through his life time,and what ever after is teaches or expleanations for the bible it self from the belivers, and christian might have another thoughts ,and so jew ,i respect all relagens and all those great chosen men from god(peace be upon all of them) ,but some time we have to consider that god cant send every thing in his message , and cant explaine every things because his knolowdge is much more beond our thoughts and it needs thousands of books to explaine evry thing.
so i wish if we leave relagane aside and just say what we belive and what we think , i am amuslim but i am intristed in judaea and biblical coins, and i like those coins more than any coins ever existed, i wont exchange an antipas coin with a gold denarri for titus or islamic golden coin .
all of us know how many times the temple get distroied and how many times the jew took out of judaea through the history by force, and all of us know how many scholer and gosbale there is, and all of us know that Jesus found sapurt out side palstine and judaea,like trans jordan and there are in jordan the oldest churchs in the whole world just 10 km of my home they found achurch in ruins that containe 16 churchs and this new one was 100 years after Jesus ,i viset it many times, the history is so complex and the scholers never agree at apoint,hehhe i know we will argue alot and will never agree at all points,i just want this section to be as it name biblical wich mean peace , love , understanding , high manars.
thanks all

This is a very interesting conversation.  In reference to the "Tribute Penny:"  there is a good article about this issue on the FORVM website in the Resources section entitled,"No Tribute Penny?"  It is written by James S. Wilk, M.D.  In his conclusion Dr. Wilk notes that it is impossible to determine the exact coin that Christ used to illustrate His point, ergo, the subject is moot. 

I am very attracted to coins of The First Jewish Revolt.  What factors make them so relatively expensive?

Salem Alshdaifat:
Hi Cleisthenes
about the coins of the Jewish war you can find the bronze coins in big amounts every where and here at FORVM you can find them in good prices.
about the silver coins they are not as expinsive as befor actuly they are in good prices these days than 5 and more years due to several Hoards found in the past years, the expinsive still is the year one and not all but the rarest types and year four and five, because they didnt struck them in big amounts.
any other quastion I will be happy to help.
all the best
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