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Judea coin


This one came to me labeled "Judea 50 BC".  Looks like SME on the left side, NA at bottom. Can't make out anything on the other side.


This looks like a AE prutah of Alexander Jannaeus 103-76BC. Its also called a widows mite. The reverse of your coin is off center but it should look something like this...

Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 B.C.E. AE Prutah. Anchor; Greek inscription (of King Alexander) / Star of 8 rays surrounded by diadem; inscription between rays (Yehonatan the King) Hendin 469; Sear 6087


Jannaeus (103-76BC) was a Hellenised Jew who grossly offended the Pharisees by the extent to which he adopted Greek culture; they were all into it, but he went too far, and they objected to him as High Priest. This led to a rebellion in which he had several hundred Pharisees crucified (a Greek punishment which was normally rejected by the Jews) while their families were killed in front of them, and he 'looked on, drinking, with his concubines lying beside him'. Eventually he was forced to make peace, and was succeeded by his wife, Salome Alexander, who supported the Pharisees.


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