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Star of David


I recently got a group of mixed coins, Roman imperial, byzantine, what I think are Islamic and this coin.  It has a star of david on the back, but the inscription looks more like Islamic script.  I am totally out of my element on this coin.  If anyone recognizes the type I would appreciate any light you can shed on it.  Thanks


It is Islamic, a coin of the Artukids of Mardin, Nasir al-Din Artuq Arslan, 597-637 H/ 1201-1239 AD.

There are two varieties of this, with four or five lines of inscription on the reverse, and yours is the four line one, Spengler & Sayles 37.1, struck in 598 H/ 1202 AD. The reverse is upside down in your photograph.

The six pointed star is a Muslim symbol as well, known as the 'Seal of Solomon'.

Best wishes


Thank you, the script looked like it would be islamic.  I appreciate the quick ID, thank you


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