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need help identifying coin

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Can anyone help identify this Hasmonean coin?  I can't seem to match inscriptions.

rssbls: is the picture.

Hi, your coin is difficult to read all letters because is very dark.

But I'm sur is a coin from john Hyrcanus I : probably Hendin 463 with tis text in hebrew: Yehochanan hacohen hagadol roch hever yehuhedem. Yehochanan the high priest and Head of the concil of the Jews.

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I think it has to be, though the cornucopia doesn't seem quite the right shape. I don't see what else it could be though.

Howard Cole:
I have to agree with the other two, but I disagree with Hendin's attributions for Hasmonaean coins.  Lately I have been using Meshorer to attribute these coins.  He and others have argued that the Hasmonaeans started minting coins that was generally believed before the current research seems to indecate.  He has stated that Hasmonaean coinage starts with Alexander Jannaeus, but the next to mint was Judas Aristobulus II, then Hyrcanus II, and finally Mattathias Antigonus.  The coins Hendin attributes to Hycanus I, Meshorer attributes t Hyrcanus II.

When I have more time, maybe over one of the winter holidays, I try to summerizes Meshorer's arguements for a later dating of most Hasmonaean coins.


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