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caesarea city coin?


Please help me to identify this  city coin AE22.
this coin bought as Caesarea maritima in group of 35 Caesarea coins.
i don't think this one is Caesarea it look like Ammaus or Diospolis
ander Elagabalus.
{you can see a part of my coll in the gallery Caesarea maritima coins}.

Salem Alshdaifat:
I think this is realy a tasty coin, the style dosent match Eliga from Caesarea for sure
but I think this is Antipatris mint, which is realy realy very rare city and extremly rare coin. 
you better do better search but I think it is very close to ANS 635 Eligabalus Antipatris mint.
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Your coin is very consistent with an Antiparis, Elagabalus listed in Triton I, coin # 716.   They also list this coin as Rosenberger I, pg 34. 
In triton the coin measures 24mm and weighs 9.87gm.  In 1997 it sold for $525.


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