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Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah to everyone! 
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May you all have a fruitful and enjoyble (coin filled) holiday surrounded by your family.
(Hopefully, I'll get some nice Maccabean coins this year for Channukah ;D)

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Salem Alshdaifat:
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Merry christmas Zach and Happy Channukah for you and all Forums, may God bring peace at land and happiness .
Sallam, Shloom, Peace.
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Mazel Tov ve Heag SammeaH Hanukka aleihem!!!
Happy Christmas to all!!!
There are some expert can say to me the style and the period of this half shekel (Tyre or Jerusalaim?)

It has a good dark patina.

Unfortunately, all the writing is gone, including the monogram, making it dificult to tell where it was minted.  Because of the seemingly low quality, my guess is Jerusalem.  But that is only a guess, someone should probably verify that.
Remember, there is some debate over whether or notr the "shekel of Tyre" was ever even minted in Jerusalem.  That is the most likely place in the later years, but it could have remained in Tyre.

 It's worn but the style seems reasonable. The 'barbarous' coins could easily have been minted in Jerusalem, since it was the Temple which needed them, and they had a large very amount of silver in the treasury which could have been used. My guess for the mint city of the later official shekels would be Caesarea, unless it was further afield in Antioch, where they obviously minted silver anyway; the Romans controlled everything else, even keepong the High Priest's official robes under lock and key, with the implied threat that if he didn't behave, they wouldn't hand them over for the next festival. I wouldn't have thought they'd have risked having something as important as a silver mint in a turbulent city like Jerusalem.


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