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Bronze Medieval 16th-17th Century Christian Medallion -- Questions


I know this doesn't classify as ancient, but I just bought this Christian medallion from Medieval Spain, 16th-17th Century A.D.  It's the first such item I've bought and I know nothing of it's background or it's scarcity or lack thereof.  I wonder if anybody might know who's image is on what I'll call the obverse of this small medallion... he looks left at a likeness of Christ on the Cross.  Not a Christian, I'm not sure who this is!  Also, I wonder what the letters S CAR might represent? 

Does anybody here collect these?  Are there any good sites or books you might point me to that could shed some light on these?  Thanks.


I think the figure on the obverse is probably Saint Charles Borromeo (1538-1584), with the S. CAR standing for SAN CARLOS, 'Saint Charles' in Spanish.

One of the main incidents of his life was praying, with a rope noose round his neck, for the relief of Milan from an attack of the plague, and there seems to be a rope round the neck of the figure on the obverse and the reverse is surrounded by a rope border with 'noose' type knots in it

See for biographical details, and for a picture, which if reversed, looks rather like the obverse of the medallion.

Best wishes


Alan thank you so much for the information!  Your educated guess seems to make perfect sense and I'm very pleased to know more about this item now.  I must admit I'm torn whether to keep this or put it up for sale...

I hadn't realized I had a response here as my reply notification emails have again got labeled as spam by my email server.   ::)


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