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Menorah lead seal

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It would be unusual for a seal to have images on both sides wouldn't it?

I don't know about judean seals, but byzantine seals have monograms and inscriptions on the both sides.

I wasn't aware of that, thank you for the clarification.

Salem Alshdaifat:
I belive it is Amenorah at that seal, I saw Menorahs at early roman oil lamps and they look like this exactuly with the same figures to the right and the left to the basic of the Menorah, but I never saw one at lead seal, I saw many fake leads Menorah in Jordan but not like this, it is intresting realy and I cant say it is real just from photo, but I will examin it if it was me, the Menorah style seem to be early Roman not the Byzantine Menorah that was used at oil lamps too.
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Hi all,

I sent this picture to Mr. David Hendin and the following is the answer:

"this is a byzantine period lead seal with menorah. it appears to be a genuine piece, and it dates about 6-8 cen. AD and these are found both in the middle east AND also in europe. this is a lead seal that was used to seal documents, thus it was probably an official in the jewish community of the area where it was used"



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