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AE14 - Palm on Both Sides - Judean Coin?

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Hello Everyone,

I have this coin here that I think is a Judean coin?  I posted it awhile back on the ID board but didn't get any answers so I'll try it here :)  I also darkened the pic, I agree that the original was way too bright (it looked fine on my old previous monitor :tongue: )

It looks like there is a palm tree/branch on both sides of the coin.  There may be some sort of legend on either side but I can't make it out.  The measurements are 2.43g; 14.4mm.  Is this a Judean coin and/or what are the specifics on it?

Any help is appreciated,


I can't see anything in Hendin with the crude palm tree on both faces.

If it is Judaean, The only coin that I found similar to it is Hendin 511.  This is a small (14-15 mm) coin of Herod Antipas (4 BCE - 40 CE).  It was struck at the Tiberius mint in 20 CE.  It has a reed nearly identical to yours, except it has more leaves.  Only the obverse has this reed, as the other side has a wreath with TIBE-PIAC in two lines.  Next to the reed is HP :Greek_Omega: :Greek_Delta: TETPAPXOY. 
It may be that this coin's obverse was struck on both sides, as the Judaeans are not known for exquisite coin minting, or it may be that I am totally wrong.  Maybe someone else  can corroborate my suggestion?


Salem Alshdaifat:
hi all this is for sure not Judaean coin, not at all.
I belive it might be Islamic coins ???
all the best

Hey Salem! haven't seen you on for a while! glad you're back. :)

yeah, my explaination didn't make much sense.  Islamic sounds more likely.



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