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Pilate LH Date?

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I found this in a small group of Pilate coins I recently bought.
It looks like it could be a Pilate date variation of LH not LIH.

What do you think?


Prutah Hendin 650 - Variation?
Obverse: Lituus surrounded by TIBEPIOY KAICAPOC
Reverse: Date within wreath LIH (Year 18 (=31/2 AD))

It certainly looks like it. Hendin doesn't mention this one, but my guess is that it's an error. He illustrates a completely retrograde example, and a couple which are really crude, so some of the engravers can't have been too competent.

Joe Sermarini:
I suggest visting this website:

Pontius Pilate varieties are listed by die. 

When I tried earlier it was downloading so slowly I lost patience as I had to go out. I don't see the die, at least on a quick look, but it's similar to the ones listed under 'extremely crude inscription'. There are loads and it could be in there somewhere.

Joe Sermarini:
Here is the specific page:

I didn't look for a die match because I don't have time but there is very good chance you will find one.


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