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Mattathia Antigonus pruta?

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By the die stile, I can guess that it is Mattathia's pruta, but between the horns on obverse appearing some round object that resembles promenade, rather than earns. It have about 13 mm in diameter.


It looks very much that way with the single cornucopia. The flan should clinch it; Mattathias minted on distingtive double-thick flans. It looks from your pics as though the flan is very thick; can you confirm this?

Hi Robert,

I sure that it is double cornucopia. The angle of picture and off centered struck didn't allow to see the left cornucopia. Regarding double thick, you are right. I can even see how one die shifted relatively to the second one.


Salem Alshdaifat:
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Bronze prutah, Hendin 483,  around 15.0mm, 0o,
the right side:obverse retrograde Hebrew inscription, Mattatayah, surrounded by wreath and border of dots;
the left side , reverse double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, ear of barley between horns, border of dots; rare
this is your coin my friend, still always it said that this is Prutah, and I always belive it is Lepta ???
 :Judean_mah_3: :Judean_lam_2: :Judean_waw_1: :Judean_shin_1:

I see the other cornucopia now, halfway off the flan.


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