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Is this an Alexander Jannaeus coin?  I found it in a large lot of holy land coins.  I don't know much about Judean coins.


no, it is not.  The flan shape certainly looks like it could be, but those five dots are not anything that I've ever seen on a Judaean coin.  It may be that this is not an official issue, dating from any time?  Because if they are largely holy land coins, those pretty much always have some kind of representation on them, except for the muslim coins, which have Arabic writing. 
sorry, I can't tell you what it is, but I can say that it isn't Judaean.


as i said in his other topic, it looks like a late roman/byzantine front part of the "evil eyes" or "stigmata wounds of christ" ring... his even forms a cross.  there are all different variations on the number of wounds, etc. it depends on the ring you get...  here is a pic of one from ebay


also, the Alexander jannaeus lead tesserae most of the time have either the anchor surrounded by BA :GreeK_Sigma: I:Greek_Lambda: EO:GreeK_Sigma: A :Greek_Lambda:EXAN :Greek_Delta:EP or the eight pointed star.  Check out Forvm's catalog for many examples.


Salem Alshdaifat:
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I have found so many lead coins among Judaean coins, I remember I sent once a coin to MR. David Hendin  and he said he havent seen such a coin and it is probably not Judaean, I told him that the coin was found among Alexander Jannaius Hoard and in an area that only Judaean coins you can find on it, and only Alexander Jannaius coins, it is close to the dead sea and it called now Alkafreen, in the south of the ruines there is small area about 3000 sq meter that you only find Alexander Jannaius coins on it, but still MR david said the style dont look Judaean for him, I do respect his aponiun as scholer in this field.
two yeares later another Alexander Jannaius found and there where some lead coins look like Hendin 477 but in deferant vareity and among them one that kind of look like yours .
but still are those Judaean coins or weights or what?
nobody will give you the answer until I find awhole hoard from Alkafreen area and send it all to MR. Hendin.
but your coin?? seems to be bronze not lead and that make me think it is not Judaean if it is actuly a coin!!!
about H477 it dosent come always with anchor on rev mostly the rev is blank my friend Zach.
all the best
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