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Can you identify this coin


Miguel C:
Hello everyone,

I bought this coin a few years ago in Israel but to date and despite many researches I have never been able to identify it or even know where to start looking for information about it...

I leave the photo here in the hope that someone can give me a hint about what currency it is or any other clue that might prove useful.

Grateful in advance for any help +++

Miguel Costa

This is - unfortunately - definitely no genuine ancient coin. That's why you couldn't find it.
The "coin" seems to be cast instead of struck, the "dirt" artificially applied.
Turn the revers 180 degree, and it looks like a grape. The obverse a (palm?) branch.
I haven't seen this fake up til know - but am sure in my decision.


Pekka K:

Fake reports:

Pekka K

Miguel C:

I already suspected that but it kept my hopes up, until today...  :'(

Thank you for your help.


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