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Reading a John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan) Prutah


Joe Sermarini:
Reading a  John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan) Prutah

Below I have given my best shot at reading this prutah (Hendin 1141) with a very long full legend. I am not sure that I have it completely correct. I am especially concerned that I may be misreading the first line. I you read these types and have any corrections or agree with my reading, please let me know.  Thanks, Joe

YHHW(HH)/NN (Yehohanan, error HH should be just H) H (the) KHN (Priest) H (the) / GDL (high) [W] (and) H (the) (HH)B/R (council) H (the) YHW/DM (Jews).

There is definitely an extra symbol in the first line. Hard to tell if it is hey or something else, because it is an error. The rest of the legend is undoubtedly correct.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Snegovik. Nice to have a confirmation.


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