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A numismatic dimension to the journeys of St. Paul


Members of this board may be interested in the article I've just published in The Numismatist, May 2021 issue, pp. 39-44:
"The Apostles on the Road: Coins and commercial life help explain the journeys of Saint Paul and his fellow early Christian teachers."

Congratulations on the publication.  I was looking into this topic recently so I'm very interested to read your article.  If you haven't read it yet, N.T. Wright's biography of Paul is outstanding, IMO.

Thanks! Basically, I'm suggesting that Paul's background in the Tarsian textile trade may have been a factor in the choice of routes and destinations (as well as, for example, the presence of Jewish minority communities and synagogues) - the Apostles targeted a surprising number of places active in the textile industry.

Mark Fox:
Dear Francis, Nick and Board,

I reviewed Francis' article before it went off to the editor and can vouch for its fresh and insightful perspective on St. Paul.  I was very impressed and highly recommend all numismatists and biblical scholars to sit down and read it.  Readers will also be treated to Francis' delightful writing style.

Way to go, Francis!

Best regard,

Mark Fox

I'm blushing...  :-[


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