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Why the dramatic change in flan size with KP shekels of Tyre?

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You may ask the question the other way, too.
Where can you read a convincing work that those shekels of Tyros, marked KP, were minted in Jerusalem ?

This was just a theory of Y. Meshorer.
It is not accepted by the publishers of RPC I, pp 655-656

This is bad from a dealer's point of view (I sold a lot of coins as being minted in Jerusalem), but I cannot follow Meshorers theory any more.

There are some discussions in this form on the subject, e.g. here:


Joe Sermarini:
RPC does not debunk minting in Jerusalem. Yes, they give some reasons they do not accept Meshorer's theory but they also say, ...The picture, if it is correct, of the ending of Tyrian silver coinage production leaves open the hypothesis of a transfer of Tyrian minting to Jerusalem...for the time being, the traditional attribution to Tyre has been accepted...  Not a particularly strong rejection.

I think it is impossible to prove where the physical mint was located, but I do not believe these coins were minted by the same Tyre civic mint that struck the earlier coins.


--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on May 02, 2021, 03:00:07 pm ---... Please let me know where I can read the convincing work of these scholars. ...
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You find the then current argumentation and literature on several pages in D.T. Ariel & J.-P. Fontanille. The Coins of Herod: A Modern Analysis and Die Classification. Leiden. 2012, pp. 36-42.




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