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Looking for advice regarding a gift.


Evgeny F:
Hello!  I have been collecting ancient coins for a while now, and I focus mostly on Roman ancients.  I am trying to buy a Judean coin for my stepfather as a gift.  He is Jewish, and has always felt a deep connection with his roots.  If there is any advice or ideas anyone has, I would be happy to hear them!  The coins do not have to be specifically biblical, just from that region, and minted under Jewish states.  Thank you all for reading, and taking your time!

You have quite a few types of coins to select from.  One consideration is how much you want to spend. 

Extremely relevant coins could run anywhere from less than $50 for a nice early copper prutah or lepton, up to thousands for a silver zuz (~denarius) or shekel from the Bar Kokhba rebelion period, or any price point in between.

In my opinion, one coin that might be a good idea would be a half shekel or shekel minted in Tyre.  These coins are generally agreed to be the only coin accepted by the Temple in Jerusalem for payment of the annual tax by every Jewish male.  Each male had to pay one half shekel, annually.  Such a coin might give him a sense of connection to the Temple.  They can be a bit pricey (often more so than the shekel denomination is), so again it depends on how much you wish to spend on the gift.

Browse through some of the posts in the Biblical & Judaean Coins topic.  You may get other ideas from there.



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