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Lepta and Prutah: Differences


Mauro Coca C:
   Hi Guys!

   I'm a beginner in jewish coins.  I would like to know the difference between lepta and prutah.


There has been some confusion about this, it's a good question. The term "lepton" comes from the Gospels, and contextually refers to a paltry denomination equal to half a quadrans. Indeed, the Greek word "lepton" refers to something small or thin.

The prutah is a rabbinic term, which we also discern from context must have been a small denomination. The relationship between the lepton and the prutah has not been determined with certainty. Some authors describe the lepton as a half-prutah (if such a thing exists!), while others consider them to be the same denomination.

Mauro Coca C:
Enlightening enough! ..... Thanks.


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