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Bar Kokhba Revolt Zuz ex Vespasian

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I recently added another Bar Kokhba Revolt Zuz to my collection. The Zuz is well struck along with an unusually clear Vespasian undertype.

I've been looking to learn more about Menashe Landman without much success. If anyone knows something about him, I would love to hear it.


Interesting coin ... 👍


Joe Sermarini:
Nice coin!

Jay GT4:
Great coin Nemo.  These overstuck coins tell such an amazing story. 

I've been after one of these for a long time.  Money is always the issue...

Nice variant on coin collecting theme's, these were also in use during Hadrian of course, some have still a recognizable features

some thing on my bucket list, but Bar Kokhba Revolt coin are very expensive i do not know why but it's true, same with Judaea reverses on roman minted coins

thank you for charring


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