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Unusual Prutah of Agrippa I

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A colleague of mine owns the attached coin of Agrippa I. The side with the grain stalks looks normal, but the reverse (usually showing an umbrella-like canopy) has some unusual shapes.

Does anyone have idea about how to interpret these shapes? (I have an idea myself but I will wait before mentioning it for a little to avoid biasing people.)

I can post other images under different lighting conditions if desired.

My first thought was that the beads were the bottom decoration of the umbrella but I don’t think that makes much sense. Interesting piece for sure.

I believe that it is the border of dots and the tip of the umbrella. Probably, a double strike also.

I also thought at first that it as simply an off center strike, but if you follow the slight apparent curve of the dots, they run smack into and go through the other design element visible on the coin. 

It just doesn't seem to line up properly with the design on a regularly struck example where the dots form a border around the canopy.


As was noted it is likely an off-centre strike plus a double-strike. 

The small dots and large dot are from the umbrella, the rest from the double-strike or over-strike.

If you search through the many examples of double-strikes on the forum, especially in the galleries, you can see how weird they can be.



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