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Alexander Jannaeus Hendin III 475 reference


Hi all.  Could someone please tell me if this attribution is correct and what the latest reference numbers would be in GBC 5?  Plus any new information that is now available for this issue?
Thanks, again.  V-drome

Judaean - Hasmonean
Alexander Jannaeus 103-76 BCE
AE Prutah  Jerusalem Mint
Obv:Hebrew inscription (cursive style
script) surrounded by wreath.
(Yehonatan the High Priest and the
council of the Jews)
Rev: Double cornucopia adorned with ribbons,
and pomegranate between horns.
13.5mm 1.58gm. Axis:180
Hendin GBC III, 475
Surface find Caesarea maritima, 1971
(click for larger pic)

This is indeed a cursive YHWNTN type, similar to the style of the drawing you posted.  Unfortunately I do not have GBC 5, but the the type is TJC Group R. My concordance indicates that this corresponds to GBC 4 no. 475 (as you found) and GBC 5 no. 1146.

As far as I can tell, the inscription reads as: YHWNT/N KHN G[D]/L WH....

Best regards!

Thank you, Aarmale!  So nice to hear from you again.

Best regards, jimi


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