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FYI--shipping times in this new era.

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Charles M:
Hello all. 

Just an FYI and caveat.  Shipping times are crazy right now.  I had an auction listed here that ended in early March.  I shipped the coins via First Class Mail International to Pekka in Helsinki on about March 10th.    They just arrived today!  I had already refunded his money and given the package up for lost.  I think  I could have paddled my kayak to Finland in that length of time.   :)

Charles M.

Pekka K:

Additional delay of 2 days to pay VAT was avoided, and postman delivered
the letter to my mailbox.

Pekka K

Joe Sermarini:
Delivery times within the U.S. are sometimes much longer than usual too.

I've noticed. Many coins I buy from France are taking almost 2 months to arrives where it was less than 10 days. And Priority mail in the U.S. is about the same as first-class.

Jay GT4:
Almost 2 months from the US to Canada through regular mail... FedEx 2 days for the same package from the same company.


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