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Pabst Geschichte:
Did a search on the web for John Carlin Ryan, the founder of this discussion board "Fobilus Fanaticus", in hopes of maybe seeing if he had ever published Volume 2 of his A Handbook of Papal turns out he passed away in July 2017.  Here's is the obituary I found.
Requiescat in Pace.

Nice man. I met him once, and bought an Innocent XI half-piastra from him, back in 1998.

Sad to hear that. He sent me a copy of his book.

The Annuale medal for 2020 was released at the end of August and I was able to get a silver example at that time from an acquaintance in Italy.  These are limited to 1500 in each of silver and bronze.  Gold examples were also struck, altho I don't have mintages for them.    This medal commemorates the 150th anniversary of Pius IX's proclamation of St Joseph as the patron of the "universal Church of Christ."

As in prior years, the papal arms continues to replace the portrait of Pope Francis on the obverse.  This year the reverse features St Joseph holding the Christ Child and a lily.  The dome of St Peters is in the background and the legend is "tu eris super domum meam" which translates, appropriately, as "you shall be over my house."

Sorry to post an image of the bronze very but don't seem to be able to get a satisfactory image of my silver one.  These were  produced in relatively small mintages and I don't know if its the mintage or CV this year, but examples don't seem to be showing up on ebay or the other venues that I've seen in the past.  I do think this is an improvement over the medals produced over the past few years so was glad to get the opportunity to add it to my collection.  


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