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What to do with extra commons?


Roy W:
Does anyone have any good sources for trading in commons? There is no local coin shops that deal in ancients in my entire state.

You know how it is, ”oh look, another Constantine…”.

Anyway, I assume after a person cleans coins long enough the duplicates would really stack up.

Joe Sermarini:
You can send them to FORVM and we will give them to teachers.  Or you can send them on consignment for us to sell as bulk lots. Or you can sell them on the Members' Auction.

Those are the only answer that anyone can give you here. There is no trading or discussion of trading here.

I keep my duplicates together.

I will give some away - I have made up many sets over the years with a dozen or two coins, usually for kids of friend and co-workers.

But having multiple examples of the "same coin" can be very interesting in itself.  Lets you study things like what details change slightly and what remain the same.  You can start to see the work of individual engravers on multiple coins (and therefore dies).  There were surprisingly few working at any time.  You can study things like the size and weight of the issue, etc.


Roy W:
Joe, understood. Thank you for the clarification. My wife is in school as an education major, and they definitely would make awesome handouts for the students on show ‘n tell day.

SC, great point. That WOULD make for an interesting study.


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