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Lead Tessera Foot? from Caesarea Maritima


Hi, all.  I think the object on the obverse of this small lead tessera is a foot, but any other ideas are welcome.  A foot or lower leg with boot or sandal is a known type for amulets, gems, and tesserae.  Bonner lists a beautiful red jasper magical gem (CBd-4167) showing a human foot surmounted by a bust of Serapis.  Wildwinds references a large (22mm.) lead tessera (Plomos p25, 12v) from "Spain, Republican times", with a foot in a laced up boot on one side and a tripod(?); amphora, star, and wheel on the other. lists a similarly sized tessera, also from Spain, with obverse, Foot r. / reverse, Head of mule or donkey (Plomos p24, 9).  And the recently published Boersema, Dalzell catalogue of the Tom Vossen Collection (no. 220) shows a pair of shoes on a Roman lead seal.  The reverse of our tessera bears just the faintest remains of an image inside an incuse circular border.  I can not make any guess as to what it might be.  Thanks, V-drome

Lead Tessera
Caesarea Maritima
1st to 4th Century CE
Obv: Foot? to right.
Rev: Incuse circular border with
very faint traces of an undetermined
12 x 11 x 1.75mm 1.39gm. Axis:NA
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1975


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