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Lead slingshot

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Is this a slingshot?Hole like this is common or this is some fishnet weight?Weight is 17.78 grams

Jay GT4:
I've never seen a sling shot with a hole.  Interesting piece

Robert L3:
Could this be an example of the whistling type of sling bullet?

Definitely looks like a glans or lead slingshot.

Hole could be natural or an attempt to repurpose it is a net-weight or loom weight?


I think it is a bit light for a sling bullet.  I have a few that are more than twice the weight.  Forum's listings of those items seem to weigh around 50 gm -65 gm.  Another seller recently had quite a few specimens in the >60 gm range as well.  Also, the shape looks in the photo more like a "drop" rather than the bullets with both ends narrow.


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