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Unidentified mount (Roman?)


Kilian O:
This mount measures only 36 mm and is 9,22 grams. It appears to be an openwork mount but it looks to be cut or sliced out? I assume it's a roman military mount but being so small it possibly was a horse harness mount.

It could be a mount (phalera) for a sword baldric (shoulder strap).

That's what it looks like, the two-piece type with the hole for the separate D-ring.  However, it is a bit small.  Most documented baldric phalerae are 50-80 mm diameter, with a few known as small as 40 mm.

Perhaps this is a smaller provincial version??

It could also be a form of strap mount I guess but round types with a hole in the centre are not really documented.


Kilian O:
Yes I think I agree with you possibly thinking it's a provincial made baldric mount. The style isn't refined.

Thanks  ;D


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