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Lucilla Denarius Strange Epigraphy and Reverse Style


Joe Sermarini:
Lucilla Denarius Strange Epigraphy and Reverse Style

Lucilla, Augusta c. 164 - 182 A.D., Wife of Lucius Verus
Silver Denarius
RIC III 771, RSC II 38, BMCRE IV 313, Szaivert MIR 18 8, SRCV II 5485
Rome mint, 166 - 169 A.D., 3.224g, 18.7mm, 0 die axis
LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F, draped bust right, hair elaborately waived and knotted in chignon low at back
IVNONI LVCINAE, Juno Lucina standing facing, veiled head left, extending right hand, swaddled infant in left hand and arm

I have found similar odd epigraphy on other Lucilla denarii. I do believe it is genuine, but I am hoping for corroborating opinions from others familiar with this oddity.

Joe Sermarini:

Likely genuine and official, I'd say. The portrait seems typical for her.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Curtis.


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