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Medeival Coin References

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For Serbian medieval coins:
Serbian medieval coinage - Vujadin Ivanisevic - Stubovi kulture, Belgrade 2001
Serbian medieval coins - Miroslav Jovanovic - M. Jovanovic, Belgrade 2001

This thread pretty well demonstrates that 'medieval' is much too big a subject to be covered by a book.  You need a library.  Most of the responses assume you meant Medieval European coins (I assume that you did) but the medieval period produced coins across the territory from the Mediterranian to China and everywhere inbetween.  I was brought up in a culture that pretty much centered on European history but Persia, India, Central Asia and China were very active coin producers in the millenium centered on 1000 AD as well.  

To point out examples of the common coins from this period but not centering on Europe I suggest Robert Tye's Early World Coins and Early Weight  Systems.  It is a very light overview of enough material that you would need twenty feet of shelfspace to cover properly but it is a start for those of us that want to be exposed to areas of numismatics not previously imagined.  Unlike most books on coins, it shows the most commmon and influential coins of their periods and places rather than concentrating on the rare and the beautiful.

A real advantage is that the book is in print.  Some of the books suggested here may be a bit hard to find.

MEdieval Castilian and Leonese references:

The last one is a free catalog of these coins.



New medieval coin books in

7 Catálogo de las monedas leonesas y castellanas de la Edad Media. Antonio Roma Valdés. Color edition.

8 Special edition: Emisiones monetarias leonesas y castellanas de la Edad Media. Organización, economía, tipos y fuentes. For collectors. , color, including catálog. Until 50 unities.

Next editions

5   Proyecto de Ley sobre la uniformidad y reforma del sistema métrico y monetario de España, Madrid, 1847, de Vicente Vázquez Queipo
Prólogo: Francisco Cebreiro Ares

6   Apuntes de Numismática, curso 1880-1881, por Juan de Dios de la Rada y Delgado, tomados por Ramón Santamaría
Prólogo: Laureano Fernández Carballo

Hello, I have been trying to get in contact with James Roberts about his Book "The Silver Coins of Medieval France, 476-1610 AD." This is the only place i've found online with his presence.

Does anyone have a way to get in contact with him?


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