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Collection Strategies for the New Collector

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I very much agree with Curtis, I think he is absolutely correct. I am a collector , have been all my life, granted I do love history but with each collection I have had my prized possessions and those have always created a sense of pride. My profession is Art Sales and people do collect art for all the reasons he listed as well. Collectables are desires.

I started my Ancient coin collections with Roman Empresses, I moved on until a coin that I found in a mixed lot caught my attention. I choose Byzantine coins not because I am deeply religious, I just appreciated the coins and I loved the fact that there are fewer collectors of mid medieval Byzantine bronze, it was a time period that has the most potential for new finds and new information. I never thought it would take this long to complete my collection but I then realized mine might be the first complete collection of my denomination.

I recommend the new collector starts broadly and then narrows down their collection focus to a common theme. Knowledge is power, so when you start getting serious about your collection you increase your knowledge regarding that theme.


--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on May 02, 2012, 09:38:38 am ---Collect what you enjoy.  That is my best advice for a new collector.  

For me, I like coins with a good story.  The ultimate story coin is the EID MAR denarius.  Fortunately, since I cannot afford an EID MAR, almost every coin has a story.  I like to get a coin and then learn the story behind it.  That is what I enjoy.  

Every collector should collect what they enjoy most.  

--- End quote ---

As an extremely new collector, this is what I've been following - that and the focused specialty which keeps me out of bankruptcy court.   :)
For now, I've been trying to stay focused on Rome mint with specific years or emperors.  God help me when I branch out...


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