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Common Mistakes for Beginners

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Get some books. More general ones to start with, until you know where your interest is going to be. Get both coin identification books and history; most of the interest is in understanding the coins and the historical background, rather than mere possession.

Don't show your burgeoning collection to friends and family thinking they will be as impressed and interested as you are -- they won't be -- and their lack of enthusiasm will wear you down.  Stick to online communities of the enlightened or better still a local club if there is one.

One common mistake that I see (and used to make often) is getting too involved in rarity ratings. Especially RIC ratings. These books were complied long before Eastern Europe opened up. That r5 horseman now may have 200 brothers running around on the various sales sites.


It is possible to buy coins on sites  like eBay, but a beginner can get into serious trouble. A seller with a thousand positive feedbacks and no negatives is not a sure thing as to authenticity of any coins. Check our fake seller lists here. Buy from Forvm.
finally, if the deal seems too good to be know the rest.


--- Quote ---- Don't buy coins from ancient sites as a tourist. They a) are most likely fake and b) might offer you a visit in the local jail. Possibly even both.
--- End quote ---

To expand on this (as I discovered a few years back) some countries like Jordon have fairly strict laws with regards to the buying selling and exporting of antiquities so check your laws before buying any coins while as a tourist.


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