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Common Mistakes for Beginners

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How reasonable that other price is is another question. There's a well-known Ebay seller hat offers a substantial percentage of all ancients on Ebay that uses prices that are sometimes 10x too high to lure in people with more money than sense.

my biggest mistake as a new collecter was assuming uncleaned roman coins ment getting a bunch of ceasers and neros. but then again, i started this hobby by watching hbo's rome and wondering if you could get a roman coin. also, my first uncleans i might have scrubbed a little too hard. luckily, i got reletively cheap uncleans and didn't really destroy anything too exciting. i hope.

You do get caesars. Constantine as caesar, Constantine II as caesar, Constantius as caesar...   ;D

I had a Nero in an uncleaned lot once.

Lee S:
Another great topic...

  My own experience over the last year or so has been a bit wandering...
   I was given a nice Hadrian Silver denarii by a friend after doing him a favour, as I had mentioned to him I collected old coins in my teenage years.. and thus I was hooked again!

  30 years ago I had collected old English and a few Roman ( is it my memory, or were Tetricus much more common in those days? ) , but now after spending a few years in Greece my collection is veering towards Greek, and seems to be developing by itself.... I love Rodean coins, as that is where I lived... I have bought several batches of uncleaned bronze coins to hone my skills with, which have turned out to be mostly Macedonian and Seleucid, so now I have a couple of pages of each in my binder along with one or two of each in silver, and with every new coin I acquire and research I learn a little more about the wonderful history of that area. I will still however buy the odd Roman if it appeals to me somehow... and have a couple of very nice tiny silver coins from Thrace which I bought because they were very old, pretty, silver and in my price range, and which I am saving to research over the dark Swedish winter months.

   It would be completely fair to say my collection lacks focus, other than it is all over 1500 years old, but it gives me hours upon hours of pleasure, both holding and researching the clean ones, and slowly picking away at the uncleaned ones, uncovering their secrets.

 I can however totally agree with the advice regarding on-line auctions and alcohol... even down to the point about the angry wife!!

 Best wishes...



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