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Decorum and Courtesy

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I like the word "replica," a replica could be a museum quality electrotype, or it could be a cast tourist fake or fantasy.  The word is vague enough to include a range.

I think nice, is nice, but with the caveat that even though it may be disappointing, it is not nice to allow someone to think that a "replica" is an authentic coin.  One might think that is "obvious"  ::) but I thought that it might be said.  I am amazed at how some people are able to identify such a great variety of coins, I think they and forum are a real plus for people who are coming in somewhat ignorant.  btw, ignorance is curable.

I like looking at posts of new individuals, even though I don't have the encyclopedic knowledge of some.  It might be worthwhile to have someone welcome them, even if they say that they can't help the individual with the specific new coin.  A friendly hello, will go a long way to setting the stage for a friendly enounter in general.

Kind Regards

Dominic T:
About “dumb” question : do not forget what they say in China : if you ask a question it makes you look stupid for 5 minutes – but if you don't ask – you stay stupid for fifty years.

And foreign language messages or responses--even jocular remarks-- on the English language page don't necessarily reflect decorum or courtesy either.

Virgil H:
I have never experienced this so-called rudeness and I am a newbie. I have seen nothing but kindness. I have a pretty thick skin, if I ask a stupid question I want to know I did. Just going to say this, I think "tourist fake" is a super useful term. It differentiates between serious forgeries and replicas. Something sold as a real coin is not a replica. I think my first post here was about a coin I bought in Ghazni, Afghanistan, while deployed there in 2011. The person responding didn't say "tourist fake," but it was oblivious that is what I had bought. They did say it was a very obvious modern cast. Pretty much the same thing. I wasn't offended, I suspected it was fake when I bought it. I guess I could have been offended by what they said, but I wasn't. I was happy to know it was a fake. Even though Afghanistan isn't a tourist haven, soldiers there are essentially just that in many ways. Tourist fake has a distinct meaning to me and I appreciate its use. Just my two denari.


I can certainly sympathize as to not wanting to have rude replies, I think for me text and email can be challanging to transmit humor and sympathy. Sometimes I will look at a simple reply I gave and I can go back and look at it and it can appear curt and brisk, which it was not meant to be.

  If I text a reply its because I like to reply and I find it rewarding to discuss some of these topics. Its great that you mentioned this as it helps me be more mindful of how things appear. Tell your friend welcome!!


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