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RSC is only for silver.

Lucas H:
Someone help me.  RIC is the standard reference for Roman Imperial coins?  Roman Provincial Coins is the standard reference for Roman provincial coins? 

1.  Is the above basically correct?

2.  Does RPC cover things like Flavian tetradrachms, didrachms, and hemidrachms?  What about Denarii issued at non-Roman mints?  Is that also covered in RPC?

3.  I understand from Benito, and the title, RSC is for silver coins only, but what is the benefit of RSC if I have RIC? 

4.  If I want some information on Republican coins, what is a good source? 

3. Not much if you have the complete RIC.

4. a. Forum member Andrew.
    b. Crawford.
    c. Banti.
    d. RSC I.
    e. Smyth. Somewhat old but very amusing.

RPC is the standard reference for what it covers but there are many other books that considered essential. It depends on which part of the whole that is 'Provincial coins' you want to collect. BMC is another essential reference, most of these are available as PDFs for free, because they're so old.

If you still want to collect Flavians, RPC II is a must have, unless you want to stick to silver. In that case there are other, more specialized books available since most mints considered provincial didn't mint silver. If you're not sure what you want to collect in the near future and you're not made of money, this may not be the time to buy expensive books yet.


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