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Since I only collect one emperor, it is easy for me...  Estoit's Monies of the Roman Empire....

In my early days, though, Ras's ERIC was complete invaluable.... I would not have continued without it.


--- Quote from: areich on February 25, 2011, 05:21:50 pm ---Strangely I have never identified a coin using the book. I either found them using the typical search engines or if I didn't find them there I also didn't find them in Plant's book.

--- End quote ---

For the beginner it is helpful in learning the different reverse types, and Yes, search engines have made this book obsolete.  I have only identified 3 or 4 coins with this book, one of which was not ID'd on the Identification help board. 

Pekka K:

Where you find the names or attributes
for the search engines? I use Plant's
book frequently to have proper word(s)
to the search entry.

Pekka K

Lucas H:

--- Quote ---I would consider both books invaluable to the study of Jewish and Biblical coins. Each focuses on many different topics, while similar issues may get different treatment to bring out facts and nuances that the other book did not treat completely. Hendin, who published the English version Meshorer's book (originally written in Hebrew) doesn't spend too much time rehashing the plethora of knowledge in the original tome.
--- End quote ---

I bought Meshorer's, and it is an excellent resource for the Jewish coins.  As you said, the subject matter is presented in such a different format, I like having both references.  I got this since shortly after you recommended it, and since I finished reading it, I reread this thread to pick out my first Roman book. 

--- Quote ---I bought a few coins and then decided to buy my first coin book, VanMeter
--- End quote ---

I ended up buying VanMeter from the Forvm based on the multiple recommendations in this thread.  I've obtained a number of coins, but I'm still not settled enough to invest in a comprehensive catalog, so I thought this might be a good option for my next book given the price, and the fact I wanted something that covered Roman coins. 

Thanks for all the input here, and I'll refer back to it as I work my way up to more detailed reference books. 

There are plenty of instances wherein if you bought the book before the coin you wouldn't be able to afford the coin! >:(


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