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Even with presbyopia, and reading glasses to use in reading and for the computer (small font in File Info, for example, and parts of Dreamweaver are difficult), I find your font, on my 21" monitor perfectly legible.  So, thank you.  And this is so even though I am scheduled for a check up at the optometrist (foot notes!).
Also, I have a reading glass that I can use occasionally.
Pat L.

A nice feature. Thanks!

Hi Dane;
The size is fine for my eyes. Is there any way you could keep the list of mints active after you choose the thumb nail option?


LATER: Ray wrote to me that he meant it'd be good to have the same thing on the thumbnail page. DONE !

By the way I added a new page for the usurper Regalianus today, so for all you people who have loads of these  ;D, please feel free to send images. I already have the nice image of a sold coin from the Forvm shop plus one from Vienna and one from the National Bank of Austria and one from a private collector which he sent me, which led me to make the page.

Frans Diederik:
Real improvement; would be an idea too for the provincial coins.



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