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FORVM Member of the Year 2005

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I would find this really difficult.  Both Pat and Curtis are experts in the fields I am interested in (as well as others) and both have been more than helpful - through PM's & other correspondence.  Jochen and Pscipio are always quick of the mark in attribution help, to new and experienced alike (note how I didn't say old :).  There are unsung heros like *Alex, J. Victoria, Lawrence Woolslayer and others who have been slaving away on the Numiswiki project - behind the scenes, so to speak.  There are , of course, many others who I have noticed giving excellent contributions, but the above are the ones, that have caught my eye.

I think I'll pick *Alex, for the reason that alot of effort has probably gone nu-noticed by the "masses"  (Bread & games etc.)  Hopefully someone will pick the others I've named

All the best

I think after Curtis Clay, award winner of the last year, it is Patricia Lawrence who deserves this award most. It is always a pleasure to read her profound comments which add a new dimension to our hobby often going vast beyond the coin on its own.

Best regards

Don't forget Steve Minnoch!  He has more breadth than I have and has helped me repeatedly.  I also agree with all the other nominations.
Pat L.

Joe Sermarini:
Curtis Clay
slokind (Patricia Lawrence)
Barry Murphy
Pep (Kevin)
Steve Minnoch

These members appear to have been nominated but need seconds (takes two members to nominate one).

They are all deserving.  To make it official, I'll second the nomination of slokind.


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