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FORVM Member of the Year 2005

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I can´t follow all this year the Forvm, but i believe Robert must be nominate, so this make his nomination official.


Susan Headley:
The Case for Curtis (Why your vote should go to Curtis Clay this year.)

Although Curtis is currently leading in the Forum Member of the Year voting,
I would like to implore all of those who have not yet cast their votes to
please vote for Curtis again this year.

The reason is very simple:  So somebody else can win next year!  =)

When Joe S. set this system up, he decreed that if any member was elected
Tribunus Plebis (Member of the Year) for two years, they would ascend to the
permanent status of (Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus) and no longer be eligible
for annual voting because they were effectively deified as a permanent Forum
boards "God" (or Goddess, should Pat very deservedly follow in Curtis'
footsteps two years hence...)

Therefore, if we elect Curtis again this year, we "get him out of the way"
so that all the rest of the fine Moderators and contributors of the Forum
Board can then have their turns in the spotlight.  =)  So please, cast your
vote now for Curtis, who has selflessly given countless hours of his time
and expertise to members of this forum for several years now, and
permanently ensconce him in the pantheon of coin gods where he certainly
deserves to be!  Vote now!  =)



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