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Joe Sermarini:
I am late getting started on our 2005 award....

Please submit your nomination before 24 December.  Only one nomination or one second per person.  All members nominated and seconded will be included in the poll which will begin on DEC 25th and end January 3rd.

As I am unable to nominate more than one person, I have chosen to nominate Jochen. He has been a great asset to the discussion board at large and furthermore has been of much help to individual members both publicly in his posts and privately in his PM's.


A very difficult question since there are a lot of great people on FORVM, but if I have to make a choice, I'd like to nominate slokind/Patricia. She is always friendly and helpful, no matter how inexperienced people are and her knowledge is just immens. For a young collector like me (and I'm sure for many others as well), the possibility to converse with here is a real honour. Too, I'd like to nominate Curtis - I'm sure I don't have to explain his nomination anymore.


Barry Murphy

Your right this is difficult because we do have a lot of great members. I would like to nominate Kevin ( PEP) for the incredible work he does for the awards, he is with out a doubt one of the hardest workers on the board, he really makes a difference.



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