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Congratulations to Curtis Clay our Tribunus Plebis 2004

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Congratulations  Mr. Curtis Clay. It´s hard to tell for me what i think in English but it´s not only his great knowledge i believe the most importand thing it´s how he share with us, his patient, how he tells us. When he replies a post looks like he is talking at the same level, without any superiority and you are talking, as Pep says, with a "giant in the world of ancient numismatics". So thanks to Mr Clay and i think all the members are very fortunate he stays with us.

By the way all the candidates are really greats but as i said before, 2004 was Mr. Clay year.


 :)Congratulations Curtis! We all very much appreciate the time and information that you share with us. I have learned quite a bit from you in the past year and look forward to learning more.
                                  Respectfully  --Russ--

I've been a member for only a few weeks and can already say that Curtis is an invaluable resource on ancient coin collecting and other related areas.  It is clear that this site recognizes the top-notch members, congradulations Curtis!

Couldn't have happened to a better person...congratulations!   ;D

And, thanks for the attribution assistance and consultation over the year.  You have been quite selfless.


Your congratulations are a little late, eh?  :tongue:


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